I don't know if you're still willing to do some seiyuu fact/wiki thing but if you could, could you for Sugita Tomokazu? :)


Ah~ one of my favorite persons ever~ =w=)b

  • When he was in middle school, he was the captain of the tennis club. And when he was in high school, he was in the martial arts club.
  • In middle school, he turned in a model of a toilet made out of clay to his art teacher.
  • He had wanted to be a dessert/confectionery maker.
  • Because of his older brother’s suggestion, he entered the seiyuu world.
  • His whole family has a history of being civil servants, generation after generation, and as of last year (2013), his father still doesn’t know that Sugitan is working as a seiyuu.
  • He’s well known to be super polite, calling even those younger than him / his kouhais with honorifics.
  • A lot of seiyuus attest that though he might be reaaally weird and out of this world at times, Sugitan is really super kind and thoughtful of others, whether they be his close friends or not.
  • Seiyuus with a reputation of being do-S, like Yusa Kouji, Kamiya Hiroshi, Toriumi Kousuke and even Morikawa Toshiyuki all seem to love to dote on him.
  • Sugitan calls Kamiya as “Nii-san” and Kamiya himself says that he’s weak against Sugita, that if Sugita asks him out to eat or invites him somewhere, he has little defense against him and almost always ends up saying yes, and in the rare times that he can’t say yes, he says that he feels really guilty about it afterwards. LOL
  • As for Yucchi, he likes giving gifts to Sugita, even offering to walk him home from the studio once and is generally very nice to him, which, knowing Yucchi’s reputation as the king of all do-S, is a big thing indeed.
  • And not only seiyuus, but also mangakas and illustrators, like Sorachi Hideaki, Hoshino Lily and Shirow Miwa, and even game makers, like Kojima Hideo of Konami all like to dote on him too. Kojima even calls him “Kazu-kun”.
  • Continuing the super fun stories of seiyuus and their encounters with the police, Sugitan, along with Fukuyama Jun, were once walking together along Kabuki-cho at night, having come from a recording session. And when they passed by the police box, they were stopped by the police on duty and they were made to face the wall and place their hands against it and they were thoroughly searched, not only their bags but also their clothes. Apparently it took quite a long time and Jun was saying that their situation is kind of exciting. lol In the end, the policeman told them that there was a young guy wielding a knife was committing crimes in the area, and the both of them sort of filled the profile for the perps. 
  • If it isn’t obvious enough, him and Nakamura Yuuichi are really BFFs to the core lol. They met during an audition for an anime when they were starting as seiyuus, and when Sugitan was still living in his family’s home in all the way in Saitama, he used to stay over at Nakamura’s place in Tokyo so he can be closer when getting to work.
  • Sugita has a rep of talking about Nakamura a lot, even in things not even concerning Nakamura. LOL Even when he first appeared as a guest in Kamiya and OnoD’s Dear Girl Stories, he introduced himself as Nakamura Yuuichi. 
  • When he was being teased back then for having only anime stuff as a wallpaper for his phone, he took a picture of Nakamura and made it his phone’s wallpaper. And he’d brag to anyone who’d ever see his phone that Nakamura is very handsome. LOL
  • Sugita really likes to talk about Nakamura to the point that when Nakamura meets for the first time, any of Sugita’s acquaintances, they would be like “Oh, so you are that Nakamura-kun!?”
  • Yasumoto Hiroki always complains that he always ends up going over to Sugita’s house and cooking for him and their other friends, (which may include Nakamura, Mafia Kajita, Shimono Hiro, Terashima Takuma, Kaji Yuuki, OnoD etc….)
  • Last year, it seems his favorite person was Hosoya Yoshimasa, calling him “Posoya-kun”, going as far as tweeting stuff like, “Hosoya-kun is cute” or “I’d want a Hosoyan-kun figure that has a feature that can make it sing!”
  • That one time his dress fell down and his chest got exposed lol
  • Also that time he was scratching his crotch onstage…
  • …and Tori-san had to cover him up lol

  • And look how great he is in drag…dem legs man


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ふたりはシンケン! by 鳥




Fanime 2014: Jojo’s! (the big shoot!)

The biggest Jojo’s gathering I’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of.

You’re all fabulous, fabulous people.

Part-3-Oldseph is whiskyicarus

Giorno is zehinomashi

Polka-dot-Suzie Q is kirbyhoshi

Purple-Kira is xtakozx (me!)

Doppio is yggdrasilpie

Weather Report is escher-report (oh, I get it now)

The seated Foo Fighters is noshtsherlock

Skirt-Jolyne is nanami7mi

Tag yourself or others, I’m pretty sure I missed a bunch!

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Also, I was Part 2 Joseph Joestar up there kissin’ Suzy Q



Fanime 2014: Toku (ft. Gaim!)

So many fruit-samurai-space-pirate-karate-bugmen-detectives.

Gai is char350

Yoko/Yuki is isthistakenalready

Oren is mypantsflewoff

Philip is kirbyhoshi

Tag yourself or others, there’s a ton of people here I didn’t really get a chance to talk to!

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